Which hoses do you recommend to connect a circulator to a jacketed vessel?

If you are connecting a Huber Unistat or bath unit to a jacketed lab reactor such as Reactor-Ready, for almost all applications we recommend the insulated Huber hoses.

Huber insulated hose

For most hose sizes, you can choose between:

  • Metal-inner hoses
  • PTFE-inner hoses

In terms of which hose size (M16, M24 or M30), consider the hose connections on the Huber unit and on the reactor and select a hose of the same size.  For example, Reactor-Ready is M24.  If you use it with a Unistat 405, this is also M24, so you would use M24 hoses.  If you chose a Ministat 230, this is M16, so you would use M16 or M24 hoses with Reactor-Ready, with a size adapter where the size changes (described in further detail in a separate FAQ entry – search for ‘size adapter’).

Determine the length of hoses you require, by considering where the Huber unit will be located relative to the jacketed lab reactor.