Which “head” do I need for my Mya 4? What are the options?

In order to accommodate the various glassware options, you may need to attach a head to the Mya 4. Our three options are: the Manifold head, the Reflux head and the Support head.

Manifold head

If you need to use multi-neck lids, such as process-type vessels, then you will need the Manifold head. You can then have condensers attached to the head.

  • Distributes water for individual condensers
  • With non-return shut-off valves
  • Water-cooled
  • Distribute gas for inserting

  • Reflux head

    The Reflux head would be for if you wanted to use short vials/tubes or glassware from the Carousel 6 Plus range with reflux tubes

  • Cools the outside of reflux tubes
  • Efficient refluxing in a simple set-up
  • Water-cooled
  • Distribute gas for inerting

  • Support head

    The Support head is essentially a scaffold.

  • No water or gas distribution
  • Compatible with Findenser etc.