When do I need a size adapter when connecting a circulator to my jacketed lab reactor?

Our standard jacketed lab reactors have the following connections for Huber (or other circulator) hoses:

  • Reactor-Ready and Reactor-Ready Duo: M24 male
  • Reactor-Ready Pilot: M30 male
  • Lara (current model): M24 male
  • Lara (older version): M16 male

Huber units (or other circulators) have fittings for connecting to the hoses (referred to as pump connections) of a particular size for that Huber model, as stated in its technical data, e.g. M24, M30 or M16. These are always male.

If your jacketed lab reactor has the same size fittings as your Huber unit (e.g. they are both M24), you can use a hose of that size (M24 in this case), and no size adapters are required. (Huber hoses are always female at both ends.)

If your jacketed lab reactor has different size connections to your Huber (e.g. Reactor-Ready is M24 and your Huber is a Petite Fleur, which is M16), you could potentially use a hose of either size (e.g. M16), but you will need a size adapter where the size changes (in this example, between the M24 Reactor-Ready and the M16 hose).

The descriptions of size adapters match the adapters themselves, not what they connect to. You always need male joining to female. For example, to connect M24 male Reactor-Ready to a M16 female hose, you need an M24 female to an M16 male adapter, part number HB6724.

There are a range of size adapters listed in the Huber catalogue.

Please contact us if you require further assistance.

N.B. The full names of these M fittings are:

  • M16x1 or M16/1
  • M24x1.5 or M24/1.5
  • M30x1.5 or M30/1.5

They have been abbreviated in this post for clarity. The short names are commonly used.