What safety features does AVA have?

In addition to automation enabling you to reduce manual errors and run unattended experiments safely, AVA offers a variety of safety settings that you can choose from to suit your application:

Set global device limits

For example, you can set maximum and minimum temperature, as appropriate for your devices (equipment) and process.This restricts what each device can be set to in AVA.

Set step overrides

For example, you can set an addition step to temporarily stop if the temperature increases beyond a certain point.

Set device warnings

Be alerted (visually by the reading turning yellow in the Apparatus window, with optional/additional audio alarm) if a chosen sensor reading is out of a user-defined range, but the reaction continues unless you manually stop it.

Set a safe state

If a specified sensor reading is out of a user-defined range, all devices in that particular reaction tab go into a user-defined safe mode (e.g. pump stops, circulator cools and overhead stirrer continues at a set speed). You can add a sound to warn you that a safe state has been activated, in addition to the default visual notification.

Set a shutdown

All devices in all reaction tabs are stopped (and a message appears on the screen to inform you of the situation) if a chosen sensor reading is out of a range you defined.

For further information on each of these options, please see the individual FAQs on this website, or the AVA Help pages accessed via AVA Software itself (which is free to download in demonstration mode here).