What parts do I need to add a pH meter/probe to my Reactor-Ready or other jacketed lab reactor?

We highly recommend:

RR20502: pH Module


  • RR20424: pH/mV/Temp Meter Portable + Control Cable
  • RR20438: Cable pH Meter to Combination VP Probe 3 m
  • RR139087: Adapter Rodaviss B34 to GL25
  • RR139125: Swivel 12 mm pH Probe Adapter GL25
  • RR20440: Buffer Solution Certified pH 4.01 +/-0.02 – 500 ml
  • RR20442: Buffer Solution Certified pH 7.00 +/-0.02 – 500 ml
  • RR20444: Buffer Solution Certified pH 9.21 +/-0.02 – 500 ml

This includes the correct RS232 cable for connecting the pH meter to a Data Hub to enable monitoring/control by AVA software.

An adapter to secure the pH probe in a B34 socket in the vessel lid is also included.

However, you need to purchase a pH probe separately.  You should select the pH probe with the appropriate length for your vessel volume.  You can choose from the following probes:

  • RR20432: Combination VP pH Probe 325 mm x 12 mm (100 ml 250 ml 500 ml vessels)
  • RR20434: Combination VP pH Probe 360 mm x 12 mm (1000 ml vessels)
  • RR20436: Combination VP pH Probe 425 mm x 12 mm (2000 ml 3000 ml 5000 ml vessels)

(Please note, these pH probes are suitable for use at 0-130°C.)

For larger Reactor-Ready Pilot vessels, we can supply a custom adapter that fits in an angled B45 lid socket and enables a short pH probe to be positioned deeper in the vessel.  Please contact us for further details.

N.B. We cannot guarantee that pH meters or probes not supplied by Radleys would be compatible with Radleys kit.  Please contact us if you require advice on this topic.