What is the standard Pt1000 made of? Is there an alternative?

The standard Pt1000 temperature probe we supply for use with Carousel Stirring Hotplates or Heidolph hotplates is stainless steel.  This is suitable for the majority of applications, such as placing into a probe hole in a Heat-On block or Carousel base.

Nonetheless, if you want to put the Pt1000 directly into your sample and your chemistry corrodes stainless steel, then we can offer an alternative glass-coated Pt1000.

The part numbers of the Pt1000s (if purchased individually) are:

  • RR91226: Pt1000 S/S Temperature Sensor
  • RR91227: Pt1000 Glass Coated Temperature Sensor

N.B. Pt1000s are different than the PTFE Pt100 temperature probes we supply as part of our jacketed lab reactor systems such as Reactor-Ready.