What is the recommended stirring bar for StarFish?

A variety of different glassware can be used with StarFish.  The stirring bar recommended depends on the glassware you are using.  For flasks, we suggest:

For 500 ml flasks:

  • RR95920: Oval Stirring Bar 40 mm (Pack of 5)

For 250 ml, 150 ml and 100 ml flasks:

  • RR99064: Elliptical Stirring Bar 25 mm RE (Pack of 10)

For 50 ml and 25 ml flasks:

  • RR98097: Elliptical Stirring Bar 15 mm RE (Pack of 20)
  • RR98091: Cross Shape Stirring Bar 16.5 mm RE (Pack of 20)

For 10 ml and 5 ml flasks:

  • RR98075: Cross Shape Stirring Bar 10 mm (Pack of 40)