What is the maximum sample volume that can be evaporated in GreenHouse Blowdown?

The largest sample volumes are possible in the 4 x 2 vial racks:

  • RR99691: AT01 Vial Rack 4 x 2 (For 27.8 mm OD Vials)
  • RR99695: AT05 Vial Rack 4 x 2 (For 24.3 mm OD Vials)
  • RR99697: AT07 Vial Rack 4 x 2 (For 23.8 mm OD Vials).

The exact maximum sample volume possible will depend on the specific vial type used, such as its internal diameter and whether it has a conical inner.  The pins should not be immersed in the sample, so this limits the fill volume of vials.  Our internal data indicates that a fill volume of up to around 17-18 ml (x 8 positions) should be possible with these vial racks.

Greenhouse Blowdown large vials