What is the GreenHouse Blowdown condenser? How do I connect it? How big is it?

The GreenHouse Blowdown condenser (part number RR99684) is an accessory for the GreenHouse Blowdown Evaporator.  It is commonly used together with a receiving flask (part number RR99688).

It is a dry ice condenser – you add dry ice / acetone into the central chamber.

You use tubing to connect the gas outlet of the GreenHouse Blowdown to the condenser. Vapours then pass into the outer jacket of the condenser, are condensed by the dry ice in the middle, and drip down into the receiving flask.  Evaporating solvent is therefore collected.

The total height of RR99684 and RR99688 is around 53 cm (not counting any space below it). The dimensions of the overall GreenHouse Blowdown system depend on how/where you are planning to clamp the condenser.  We can supply stands/clamps if required, including hotplate accessories.