What is the flow rate range of your peristaltic pump (for AVA)?

For use with AVA Software, we sell:

  • RR20500: Gravimetric Additions Module, which contains
  • RR20400: Peristaltic Pump 400 rpm 2000 ml/min, together with a balance and accessories.

The speed range of the RR20400 peristaltic pump is 3 rpm to 400 rpm.  The flow rate is affected by on the diameter of the tubing.

The standard tubing included in RR20500 is:

  • (RR20407: Marprene Tubing 1.6 mm Bore 1.6 mm Wall 5 m) corresponds to a flow rate (using water at 20°C) of 0.81-110 ml/min.

If you need a lower flow rate, we can supply (as custom) alternative tubing with a smaller bore to use with the peristaltic pump.  0.8 mm bore gives a flow rate of 0.21-28 ml/min; 0.5 m bore corresponds to the range 0.09-12 ml/min.

If you need a higher flow rate, we can supply custom tubing with a larger bore.  The maximum flow rate of 2000 ml/min corresponds to tubing with a 8.0 mm bore.