What is the flow rate range of your peristaltic pump (for AVA)?

For use with AVA Software, we can provide:

RR20500: Gravimetric Additions Module, which contains
RR20470: Peristaltic Pump 600rpm 4000ml/min together with a balance and accessories.
The speed range of the RR20470 peristaltic pump is 24 to 600 rpm.  The flow rate is affected by the diameter of the tubing.

The standard tubing included in RR20500 is:

(RR20476 PharMed BPT Tubing 1.7mm Bore 1.6mm Wall  7.5m) corresponds to a flow rate (using RR20472) of 6-200 ml/min.

If you need a lower flow rate, we can supply (as custom) alternative tubing with a smaller bore to use with the peristaltic pump.  0.8 mm bore gives a flow rate of 2.6-33 ml/min.

If you need a higher flow rate, we can supply custom tubing with a larger bore.  The maximum flow rate (using RR20472) is 4,500ml/min corresponds to tubing with a 7.9 mm bore.