What is the AUTOaccurate program? What parts do I need for it?

The AUTOaccurate is an advanced program available with the Hei-VAP Expert Control and Ultimate Control rotary evaporators (not Hei-VAP Core, Expert or Ultimate).

The AUTOaccurate function allows for automatic adjustment of the vacuum level based on the temperature increase detected at the condenser by the AUTOAccurate sensor. It then holds the vacuum level at this point until the temperature increase is no longer detected. It can also identify multiple boiling points – multiple solvent distillation is possible without any manual adjustments.

The AUTOaccurate temperature sensor (part number 569-00040-00) is required for this program. This temperature sensor is only compatible with the G3 and G3 XL (vertical condensers) and G6 (vertical condenser with valve for reflux distillation) glassware sets. This means the AUTOaccurate program cannot be used with the G1 (diagonal condenser) or G5 (dry ice condenser) glassware sets.