What is a vacuum valve? When is it required?

A vacuum valve (part number 569-00065-00) is a required accessory for the Heidolph Hei-VAP Expert Control and Ultimate Control when used with one of the following vacuum sources:

  • valve-regulated vacuum pump (not a Heidolph Vario pump)
  • house vacuum

The Hei-VAP Expert Control and Ultimate Control contain an integrated vacuum controller (the ‘brains’), but you need to purchase the vacuum valve if you are not using a Heidolph Vario pump, as the valve is what opens and closes in order to regulate the vacuum.

For optimal vacuum control, a Heidolph Vario vacuum pump is recommended instead:

  • Rotavac Vario Tec (12 mbar)
  • Rotavac Vario Control (2 mbar)

In this case you wouldn’t need the vacuum valve as the Hei-VAP communicates with the pump to adjust its speed and regulate the vacuum.