What is a simple way to record/view data from a Huber unit?

You could use the USB port on a Pilot ONE controller to record temperature data onto a USB stick, which you could then edit/view in Microsoft Excel.  The E-grade ‘Exclusive’ (or ‘Professional’) is required for this function.  (You can refer to the separate FAQ entries for more information on E-grades.)

Alternatively, SpyLight is basic Huber computer software that can be used for viewing/monitoring data.  You can download it onto your PC for free (at www.huber-online.com/en/download_software.aspx).  You would need an appropriate cable to connect the computer with SpyLight to the Huber unit.

There are also other methods of communication to connect a Huber unit to a computer system, e.g. to send the Huber set points from a PLC.  Please see other FAQ entries for further details.