What is a manual vacuum controller? When is it recommended?

Manual Vacuum Controller

A manual vacuum controller (part number 591-26000-00) is an optional accessory for either of the following Heidolph rotary evaporators:

  • Hei-VAP Core
  • Hei-VAP Expert
  • Hei-VAP Ultimate

when used with one of the following vacuum sources:

  • valve-regulated vacuum pump (not a Vario pump)
  • house vacuum

With these equipment combinations, the manual vacuum controller is recommended, as it is a low cost, simple way to enable you to monitor and control the vacuum level. You view the dial and open the valve to bleed air into the system to adjust the vacuum. Vacuum control is desirable so that the vacuum level is suitable for evaporating the solvent in question and to act against bumping/foaming or overloading the condenser.

For digital vacuum control of house vacuum systems or valve regulated vacuum pumps, the Hei-VAC vacuum controller is available.

Hei-VAC Controller

It comes complete with an integrated ceramic vacuum sensor, regulation valve and venting valve. It can be fixed on the condenser shaft above the evaporator or used as stand-alone device with base next to the unit. It is compatible with the same Heidolph rotary evaporators as the manual vacuum controller as well as any other brand of rotary evaporator.

For optimal vacuum control, a Heidolph rotary evaporator with integrated vacuum control in combination with a Heidolph Vario vacuum pump is recommended. In this case you wouldn’t need an additional vacuum controller as the vacuum is set using the control panel of the Hei-VAP.