What is a Huber Pilot ONE E-grade? How do I upgrade it?

Huber Pilot ONE controllers come with 3 possible levels of software, which are referred to as E-grades.

Unistats, as the most advanced type of Huber units, come with the highest level of Pilot ONE software as standard, which is the ‘Professional’ E-grade.

Open bath units, such as Ministats, are more basic models.  Those with Pilot ONE controllers only come with the lowest level of software, which is the ‘Basic’ E-grade.

Higher E-grades have more features available.  You can purchase an upgrade code if you want to move up to a higher E-grade to gain additional features.  For example, please see the separate FAQ entry ‘Why would I need HB9495 Basic to Exclusive Upgrade?’ for more information on the most common upgrade.

The part numbers for the upgrades are:

  • HB9495: Upgrade to Exclusive
  • HB9496: Upgrade to Professional

If you would like to upgrade an existing Huber unit, please let us know the serial number of your Huber unit, and we can issue a code.

To apply an E-grade, in the Pilot ONE controller, you should navigate: Menu > System Settings > E-Grade > Activate Packages > select the package number (e.g. 2 Exclusive), and then enter the activation code supplied.

To check your current E-grade, in the Pilot ONE controller, go to Menu > System Settings > E-Grade > Activated Packages.