What is a [email protected]?

A [email protected] is an optional accessory for Huber units with Pilot ONE.

Depending on the model of your Huber unit, you would use either external [email protected] (part number HB6915) or the the internal [email protected] (part number HB31217).

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The [email protected] provide the following interfaces:

  • Analogue interface (AIF) for 4-20 mA communication
  • POKO (volt-free contact / floating contact)
  • ECS (external control signal)
  • RS232/RS485 (serial)
  • The external [email protected] also has a level interface (to connect an external float switch, for monitoring the level of an externally closed application).

These are in addition to any interfaces already on the Huber unit.  A [email protected] is always required if you need an analogue interface.