What hardware do I need to purchase to use AVA?

If you only want to use AVA in demonstration mode, then all you need is a laptop/computer to download AVA Software onto.

If you want to use AVA to control real devices, you will also need one or more Data Hubs, correct RS232 cables to connect the Data Hub(s) to the devices, an Ethernet Switch if you are using multiple Data Hubs and of course the devices themselves if you do not currently have them.

  • RR20200 Data Hub 4 Port and RR20202 Data Hub 2 Port

Available with different plug options. Includes the Ethernet cables needed to connect the Data Hub to the PC or the Ethernet Switch.

  • RR20454 Ethernet Switch

Required if you want to connect multiple Data Hubs to the PC. (You would use multiple Data Hubs if you have more devices than RS232 ports on the Data Hub.)

You will need the correct RS232 cable to connect each device to the Data Hub. If the device is not one supplied by Radleys, the manufacturer should be able to advise you on the correct RS232 cable.

  • Automation modules

For example, RR20500 Gravimetric Additions Module, contain devices compatible with AVA plus accessories such as the correct RS232 cables. Please see our website or the AVA leaflet for more details.