What are vessel kits? What are the advantages? Can I customise them?

We highly recommend that you purchase vessel kits for use with our standard jacketed lab reactors (Reactor-Ready, Reactor-Ready Duo, Reactor-Ready Pilot or Lara).

They are outstanding value for money (costing less than if you purchased all the parts individually), and ensure that you have the key vessel accessories.

Vessel kits include the vessel (with sidearm couplings), a PTFE stirrer and a PTFE Pt100 temperature probe both of an appropriate size for the vessel, and an adapter for securing the Pt100 in the lid.

Lara Vessel Kits

Standard shape Reactor-Ready and Lara vessel kits include an anchor stirrer. Process shape Reactor-Ready and Lara vessel kits, plus Reactor-Ready Pilot vessel kits, include a turbine stirrer. These stirrer shapes suit the majority of customers.

Vessel kit components are set and cannot be customised.

Nonetheless, the full range of stirrer shapes – anchor, turbine and retreat curve – are available to purchase separately for every vessel volume and shape.

Due to the vessel kits’ excellent value for money, if you would like a different shape of stirrer, it would be best for you to order the vessel kit plus the additional stirrer, rather than ordering the parts you want (vessel, preferred stirrer, Pt100 and adapter) individually.

Please note, vessel kits do not include a metal vessel support collar.