What are aluminium flask inserts? When are they required?

In the Carousel 6 Plus (and Carousel 6 Classic), and StarFish (using the RR95130 MonoBlock for 5 x 250 ml Flasks), the well size is for 250 ml round bottom flasks.

For smaller flasks, it is important to use aluminium reducing inserts to make the well smaller to enable good contact and so good heat transfer between the heated well and the flask.

Aluminium flask inserts

For StarFish, we sell these as singles, as customers are quite likely to be using PolyBlocks and/or different flask sizes at once.  The part numbers are:

  • RR95330: 150 ml Flask Insert (Pack of 1)
  • RR95335: 100 ml Flask Insert (Pack of 1)
  • RR95340: 50 ml Flask Insert (Pack of 1)
  • RR95345: 25 ml Flask Insert (Pack of 1)
  • RR95350: 10 ml Flask Insert (Pack of 1)
  • RR95355: 5 ml Flask Insert (Pack of 1)

Aluminium flask insert

For Carousel 6 Plus (and Classic), customers are more likely to be using the same flask volume in all 6 positions, and so we offer inserts in packs of 6:

  • RR99057: Aluminium Insert for 170 ml Reaction Flask (Pack of 6)
  • RR99058: Aluminium Insert for 100 ml Reaction Flask (Pack of 6)
  • RR99060: Aluminium Insert for 50 ml Reaction Flask (Pack of 6)
  • RR99140: Aluminium Insert for 25 ml Reaction Flask (Pack of 6)
  • RR99141: Aluminium Insert for 10 ml Reaction Flask (Pack of 6)
  • RR99142: Aluminium Insert for 5 ml Reaction Flask (Pack of 6)