The AVA Schedule shows as ‘waiting for end condition’ – what does this mean?

Each step on the Schedule has one or more end conditions that it must complete before AVA moves on to the next step in the Schedule.

If the duration (time period) of a step has been completed but an additional end condition has not been reached, the whole Schedule (all current steps) will pause and the ‘waiting for end condition’ message will display while it is waiting for the end condition to be achieved.

Different parallel steps (steps for different devices but happening at the same time) may have linked end conditions, indicated on the Schedule by a vertical black line with black triangles top and bottom.  The end conditions of all steps ending at this point must be completed before AVA moves on to the next step.

If you don’t want to wait for all the end conditions (or the duration) to be fulfilled, you can force AVA to move on to the next step by pressing the skip step button (to the right of the play button in the Schedule window).