My overhead stirrer has a large diameter support rod. How can I fit it in the Reactor-Ready framework?

Overhead stirrer large diameter rod

When setting up a Reactor-Ready system, you insert the overhead stirrer motor’s support rod into the hole in the I-beam (also called the stirrer support I-brace).

Overhead stirrer large diameter rod

If you cannot fit your overhead stirrer rod into the hole, you should remove the black plastic parts that are supplied inserted in the hole (one half on each side – gently prise out using a suitable implement), to increase the hole diameter.  With the black pieces in place, stirrer rods of up to 13.5 mm diameter can be accommodated; removal allows stirrer rods of up to 16.5 mm to be inserted.

Overhead stirrer Reactor Ready

You can then use the knob on the I-beam above the hole to tighten the screw and secure the overhead stirrer’s support rod in place.

The procedure is the same for Reactor-Ready Duo.