Is the Carousel Temperature Controller compatible with my hotplate? Is it available?

None of our current Carousel Stirring Hotplates can be used with a Carousel Temperature Controller, only a Pt1000 probe (optional – if solution control is required).

The most recent Carousel Temperature Controller we offered was part number RR91210.  We can currently supply an equivalent controller (Heidolph EKT Hei-Con, part number 509-88000-00), but only as a spare part for customers with previous hotplate models that were compatible with RR91210 rather than a Pt1000.

carousel temperature controller and heidolph ekt hei con

If you’re not sure whether a particular hotplate you have is compatible with a Carousel Temperature Controller or a Pt1000, check the socket on the hotplate – the Carousel Temperature Controller socket is 5-pin, whereas a Pt1000 socket is 4-pin, and the sticker should tell you which it is too – see below.

Old hotplates – compatible with Carousel Temperature Controller (or Heidolph EKT Hei-Con)

carousel temperature controller socket

Current hotplates – compatible with Pt1000

carousel temperature controller socket