In AVA, when a pause step is occurring, what does the equipment do?

An experiment can be paused in AVA either when you press the pause button, or the experiment reaches a pause command you have added to a step in the Schedule.

When an experiment is paused, the effect on devices is as follows:

  • Peristaltic pump (either standalone or as part of an addition/pH step) or syringe pump: the pump stops during the pause.
  • All other controlled devices hold the current setpoint during the pause.  If the device is in the process of ramping the setpoint when the pause occurs, then during the pause it maintains the setpoint it had got to at that point.  For example, if a stirrer is being ramped from 60 rpm to 120 rpm and the step is paused whilst stirring at 85 rpm, it continues to stir at 85 rpm for the duration of the pause, before resuming the ramping again after the pause.