How do I set up a warning, safe state or shutdown in AVA?

Warnings, safe states and shutdowns are three of the safety features available in AVA. (Please see the separate FAQ entry for an overview of AVA safety features, or consult the AVA help pages accessed via the AVA software itself for further details.)

To set up a warning, safe state or shutdown
  1. When you’re in an AVA reaction tab, click on the settings cog at the top left of the Apparatus window.
  2. In the pop-up window that opens, select the sensor reading from the Sensor list on the left that you would like to be the trigger.
  3. Then tick the box under the Conditions heading on the right to choose the safety feature you want to set up, and to specify the conditions to trigger the safety feature. For example, select ‘Circulator 1:T Jacket’, ‘Display a Warning’, and type in the upper and lower limits beyond which the warning will occur.

If you tick the safe state tick box, the bottom of the pop-up window will expand, showing you the options to define your safe state (e.g. you want the circulator to cool the jacket temperature to 20°C, and the pump to stop).

It is possible to simultaneously set up a warning, safe state and shutdown for a sensor, all with different trigger ranges.  You can also configure multiple sensors to have their own warning, safe state and shutdown triggers.

To add an audio alarm for a warning, safe state or shutdown

In AVA, click on the File tab, select Settings from the list on the left, and then click the General Settings tab on the right.

Tick the box ‘Use sound notifications’, then use the drop-downs to select sounds to alert you when warnings, safe states or shutdowns have been activated.  (You can pick different sounds for each.)  You can use the ‘Test’ buttons to test the sound.