I want to use a peristaltic pump with AVA. What should I purchase?

The part number for a peristaltic pump that is compatible with AVA Software is:

  • RR20470 Peristaltic Pump 600rpm 4000ml/min

However, we highly recommend that rather than purchasing a peristaltic pump individually, you order:

  • RR20500: Gravimetric Additions Module.  This includes a balance – you place the feed vessel for the pump on the balance and use it to monitor how much (g) you have added.  In AVA Software, you link the peristaltic pump and balance together and control them as one unit (instruct the pump to add a specified amount in g).

The RR20500: Gravimetric Additions Module also includes important accessories such as the correct RS232 cables to connect the peristaltic pump and balance to a Data Hub and to AVA Software, peristaltic pump tubing and fittings for feeding the tubing into a jacketed lab reactor (Reactor-Ready etc.) lid.