I want to connect a chiller to a condenser. What tubing should I use?

You do not need the Huber metal-inner or PTFE-inner insulated hoses to connect chillers to cool condensers with water/glycol.

There are multiple types of tubing that can be used, depending on the specific application/apparatus.

Huber Unichiller and Starfish Condensers

For StarFish, we offer RR95540: Tubing for Manifold inlets 15 m x 8 mm for between the chiller and a water manifold, and then RR95535: Tubing for Manifold outlets 15 m x 6.4 mm for connecting a water manifold to the condensers.

An example jacketed lab reactor application would be connecting a Huber Minichiller to RR139009: Condenser Jacket Coil Rodaviss B29 + GL14 + fittings.  For this, you could use RR95540 as described above, together with the 8 mm diameter (NW 8) hose barb that comes with the Minichiller.

The Heidolph 591-35000-00: Tube Set for Hei-VAP also contains water tubing appropriate for many applications.  Of course, it is suitable for use with Heidolph Hei-VAP rotary evaporators, but it is compatible with NW 8 hose barbs and GL14 fittings, so can additionally be used with jacketed lab reactors.

Some customers source their own tubing for connecting chillers to condensers.

Please note, it is vital to secure condenser tubing using a suitable hose clip.

If you are running a condenser at low temperatures, you may want to insulate your tubing to help reduce condensation.  We offer Huber tubing insulation for this purpose:

  • HB6083: Tubing Insulation 13 mm ID x 7 mm Thick NW 8
  • HB6082: Tubing Insulation 17 mm ID x 7 mm Thick NW 12