I need to replace the blue conical part inside the stirrer guide. What’s the part number?

Blue conical Reactor Ready

Blue conical Reactor Ready

The blue conical stirrer grip inside the Reactor-Ready and Lara stirrer guide, which we refer to as a ferrule, is included in the following spare part pack:

  • RR121064: Stirrer Guide Ferrule & Shaft Seal B24 10 mm

Reactor Ready ferrule and shaft seal

As you can see, RR121064 includes the shaft seal (white washer with black O-ring) that sits with the blue ferrule inside the stirrer guide.

It is normal for these parts to become worn/deformed with use, so it’s important to regularly check them and replace them if there’s any sign of deterioration.

RR121064 is included in the RR121150: Reactor-Ready Maintenance Kit.  (For more information, please refer to the separate FAQ entry ‘How can I maintain the performance of my jacketed lab reactor? What are maintenance kits?’.)

For the larger Reactor-Ready Pilot stirrer guides, the equivalent part numbers are:

  • RR121138: Stirrer Guide Ferrule & Shaft Seal B34 16 mm
  • RR210100: Reactor-Ready Pilot Maintenance Kit