How do I set up device limits in AVA?

Device limits are one type of safety settings in AVA.   (Please see the separate FAQ entry for an overview of AVA safety features.)

Device limits restrict what each device (piece of equipment) can be set to (the maximum and minimum setpoints it can be sent from either the Apparatus or Schedule windows).

You set up global device limits for each of your devices (pieces of equipment) in the AVA Apparatus window:

  1. When you add a new device to the Apparatus window, it’s properties box will appear.  You can also click on existing devices in the Apparatus window to bring up the properties box.
  2. In the device properties box, you will see a ‘Device Limits and Settings’ section at the bottom.  This is where you enter the device limits.

It is very important (for safety) to set device limits appropriate for your particular device.  For circulators (thermoregulators), you need to consider the thermal fluid you are using in addition to the model itself.  For more information, search for ‘Device Limits’ in the help pages accessed via the AVA Software itself (which is free to download in demo version).