How do I set up a step override in AVA?

A step override is a safety feature you can use in the AVA Schedule.  For the step:

  • Specify the conditions you want to trigger the override
  • Specify what you want the device to do under override conditions.

For example, in a pump addition step, you can add an override so that if the reaction temperature exceeds a certain value, the pump addition stops.

To set up a step override, in AVA’s Schedule window:

  1. Click on the relevant step for its properties window to appear.
  2. Press the down arrow next to ‘Overrides’ to expand
  3. Click ‘Add …’.  You can then select your trigger conditions and override action.

When a step override is triggered, the Schedule pauses at the current position in the timeline and the override action occurs.  Once the override trigger conditions end (e.g. the temperature drops back down) and so no override is active, the Schedule pause is lifted and AVA resumes progressing through the Schedule steps.

You can refer to the separate website FAQ entry for an overview of AVA safety features, or consult the AVA Help pages accessed via the AVA Software itself for further details.