How do I save my experiment in AVA? How do I change the save settings?

AVA automatically saves all the information from your experiment (Apparatus, Schedule, and data in graphs etc.) together in an AVA experiment file (with an .exp extension).

By default, in the AVA software, a pop-up will appear prompting you to save as a new file, where you can approve or write a file name, and view or change the file location.  (The default save location on your PC is Documents > AVA.)  Once you have pressed Save, AVA will then regularly autosave your experiment, so you don’t need to keep manually saving it yourself.

You can change the logging/saving interval, and the location on your PC where the experiment files are saved, in the AVA software by selecting the File tab, then Settings (from the options on the left), then the General Settings tab.  There you can also tick the box for automatically generated file names (e.g. Experiment1) to be used without giving you the pop-up box described above.