How do I choose between standard shape vessels and process shape vessels?

For Reactor-Ready (including Reactor-Ready Duo) and Lara, for most vessel volumes you can choose between standard or process shape.

Standard vessels are generally longer and narrower –

Reactor Ready Vessel

– while process vessels are generally shorter and wider.

Reactor Ready Vessel

All the process vessels have an approximate ratio of 1:1.25 for internal diameter to jacketed internal height, to mimic plant-scale reactors.  (For standard shape vessels, the ratio varies between vessel volumes.)

For the large 5 L vessel, we tend to recommend the process shape for use with Reactor-Ready or Reactor-Ready Duo if possible, as this gives more space below the vessel than the standard shape.

For Reactor-Ready Duo, consider which vessels will fit together – see the separate FAQ entry, ‘Which vessels will fit together in a Reactor-Ready Duo frame?’  If you want two large volume vessels, the narrower standard shape may be required.

Another difference between the two vessel shapes is the vessel kits (which include the vessel, a PTFE stirrer, a Pt100 temperature probe and a temperature probe adapter) – standard vessel kits include an anchor stirrer, while process vessel kits contain a turbine stirrer.

For Reactor-Ready Pilot, all vessels are process shape.