How can I set up monitoring or control of pH in AVA?

With an AVA level 4 licence, you can monitor a pH meter/probe and also control additions of acid or base (by a peristaltic or syringe pump) via the measured pH. If you do not have a level 4 licence, you can still explore these options using the demo mode.

If you simply want to view and log pH, in the AVA software add a pH probe (pH meter) to the miscellaneous zone (the top right grey box in the Apparatus window). This pH measurement can be used to ensure a safe system (e.g. use it for a step override or to trigger a safe state) – please see the separate FAQ entries on AVA safety features for further details.

If you would like to make a controlled addition of acid or base in order to maintain or change pH, then you will need to use the additions zone (the bottom right grey box in the Apparatus window):

  • First, add a (peristaltic or syringe) pump to the additions zone.
  • Below it (in the same box) add the pH probe (pH meter).
  • Select whether you are adding acid or base.
  • You can now set a pH setpoint or ramp (in either the Apparatus or Schedule windows).

N.B. Please see the separate FAQs entry ‘What parts do I need to add a pH meter/probe to my Reactor-Ready or other jacketed lab reactor?’ for the part numbers of pH equipment compatible with AVA.