Can you supply PTFE lids for my jacketed lab reactor?

Although glass lids are standard, we do offer PTFE lids as alternatives – DN100 size for Reactor-Ready and Reactor-Ready Duo, and DN200 for Reactor-Ready Pilot.

The lids are available both with standard joints in place (which are removable and can be changed), and without standard joints (just screw ports, for you to add the Rodaviss sockets you choose).

DN100 lids for Reactor-Ready and Reactor-Ready Duo
  • With joints – RR136100: DN100 PTFE 5 Neck Lid 1 x B19, 2 x B24, 1 x B29, 1 x B34 and 2 Blanked Ports
  • Without joints – RR136110: DN100 PTFE Lid with 7 Threaded Ports – 2 x ¼” NPT, 5 x ¾” NPT
​​DN200 lids for Reactor-Ready Pilot
  • With joints – RR136200: DN200 PTFE 8 Neck Lid 1 x B19, 1 x B24, 2 x B29, 3 x B34, 1 x B45
  • Without joints – RR136210: DN200 PTFE Lid with 8 Threaded Ports – 2 x ¾” NPT, 1 x 1″ NPT, 5 x 1½” NPT

​​A wide range of PTFE Rodaviss sockets, PTFE compression fittings and PTFE blanking plugs are available for these lids; please contact us for further details.

Advantages of PTFE lids include:

  • Changeable joints allow for maximum flexibility – change the PTFE joint to suit your set-up.
  • Enables more joints in a smaller space.
  • More suitable for PAT and test probes than equivalent glass lids.
  • More robust and less likely to break than glass.
  • Flatter lid – less dead space at the top of vessel.