Can you supply a stainless steel stirrer for my Reactor-Ready, Reactor-Ready Duo, Reactor-Ready Pilot or Lara?

The stirrers we offer for our jacketed lab reactor range are PTFE.  PTFE has excellent chemical resistance, and has been selected as it is the most appropriate material for the majority of customers.

Furthermore, the standard Reactor-Ready, Reactor-Ready Pilot and Lara stirrers are specially designed to have the correct shaft diameter for their stirrer guide, and an appropriate shaft length and rotor diameter for the specified vessel.

We recommend that you use the standard Reactor-Ready, Reactor-Ready Pilot or Lara PTFE stirrers if at all possible.  These are included in the great value vessel kits.

We do have some standard stainless steel stirrers, but these are part of the overhead stirrer motor range and are offered for general lab applications rather than for any of our jacketed lab reactors.  They do not have the correct dimensions for Reactor-Ready etc.

Nonetheless, if you do need a stainless steel stirrer for Reactor-Ready etc., we could potentially supply one as a custom item.  (Please note, vessel kits are set, so you could not swap the PTFE stirrer in a vessel kit with a custom stainless steel stirrer.)

Please be advised, using a stainless steel stirrer shaft within our standard PTFE stirrer guides could lead to wear and shedding of PTFE from the guide.  We would therefore advise using the stainless steel stirrer with a custom stirrer guide that has a PEEK insert in the end to minimise the wearing/shedding.