Can you supply a glass stirrer for my Reactor-Ready, Reactor-Ready Duo or Reactor-Ready Pilot?

The stirrers we offer for our jacketed lab reactor range are PTFE.  PTFE has excellent chemical resistance and has been selected as it is the most appropriate material for the majority of customers.  We recommend you use the standard PTFE stirrers if possible.

If you are concerned about a risk of PTFE flakes shedding from the stirrer guide/shaft into the vessel, we can reassure you that the design of our drop-in stirrer coupling means that the stirrer shaft does not pivot in the stirrer guide as in traditional designs, and so there is a reduced risk of PTFE wearing.

Nonetheless, if your laboratory regulations mean that PTFE would not be acceptable, then yes, we can supply glass stirrer shafts, and glass stirrer guides to use with them.  Please contact us with your specifications if you would like a quotation.

Please be advised, glass is by its nature fragile, and so not advised for high viscosity/speed applications.

Please also note, you would need to use some lubricant between the glass stirrer shaft and the glass stirrer guide; this can be food-grade if required, as it can come into contact with the vessel contents.