Can you provide baffles for my Reactor-Ready or Lara vessels?

We have a range of removable PTFE baffles for Reactor-Ready, Reactor-Ready Duo and Lara, specifically designed for each vessel volume and shape.

For all current (flat flange) vessels, you will need the RR257100: PTFE Support Collar for Baffles & O-Ring to add PTFE baffles to a vessel.

Ready Reactor Baffles

RR257100 holds 3 baffles, and so all the Reactor-Ready/Lara baffles are supplied in packs of 3.

Reactor ready baffles

(Please note, we have recently redesigned our baffles and baffle collar.  All new baffles require the new baffle collar RR257100.  The previous baffle collar, RR157000, was used with older-style baffles.)

We do not supply PTFE baffles for 100 ml vessels (the smallest size), as there is not enough space in the vessel.

Alternatively, we can indent small baffles into the inner wall of the glass vessel itself as custom.