Can I use the Pilot ONE controller away from the Huber unit?

It is not possible to take the Pilot ONE control panel off the Huber unit, take it away separately to program or test it, and then put it back on the Huber unit.  The Pilot ONE controller needs to be connected to the Huber unit to use it.

Nonetheless, the Pilot ONE controller can be positioned some distance away from the Huber unit but still with the two connected.  We refer to this as using the Pilot ONE as a remote control.

The Pilot ONE controller lifts out, and then you can access the connection ports on the Pilot ONE and the Huber unit to connect up with a (specific) cable.  The standard length is 3 m (part number HB16160), but longer, custom lengths can be supplied if required (recommended maximum 25 m).  We also offer a wall bracket (part number HB9493) and a table stand (part number HB9494), which you can use to fix the control panel in a convenient location.