Can I use my Carousel 6 glassware with Tornado?

Yes, you can use Carousel 6 glassware in Tornado.

The glassware used in the current Carousel 6 (the Carousel 6 Plus) is compatible with the current Tornado (Tornado Plus).  If you have an older Carousel 6 (a Carousel 6 Classic), then its glassware is compatible with the Tornado Classic (which is still available to purchase).

The one exception is that if you have an azeotropic (Dean-Stark) flask, it must be a Tornado version to be able to fit a centrifugal stirrer paddle through the constricted neck and so use it with a Tornado.

Please also note, only the centrifugal style stirrers (which are collapsible) can fit through standard Carousel 6 glassware necks.  If you would like to use anchor or propeller stirrers (for example, if your samples are viscous), you would need to use specially designed Carousel 6 wide neck flasks and reflux tubes (which we can supply for either Plus or Classic equipment).