Can I use AVA with Reactor-Ready Duo?

Yes, AVA has been designed so it can be used with Reactor-Ready Duo.

There are three possible methods to choose from, depending on the kind of control you require:

1. Both sides of Reactor-Ready Duo in the same tab

Create a new experiment using the Reactor-Ready Duo icon (Apparatus background/setup), so you have the Reactor-Ready Duo in one reaction tab.  You will then configure, control and monitor all the equipment together as one reaction system in the one tab.  With this configuration the same control mode has to be used for both sides of the Reactor-Ready Duo – all devices must be either controlled from the Apparatus window or via the Schedule.

2. Each side of Reactor-Ready Duo in its own tab

To enable you to control the two sides of the Reactor-Ready Duo more independently, each vessel of the Reactor-Ready Duo can be configured within its own reaction tab. To do this, create a new experiment selecting two Reactor-Ready icons.  This will create two reaction tabs, one for each side of the Reactor-Ready Duo.  (An alternative method is to create and configure one tab with the Reactor-Ready background, and then copy this tab.)  Each tab can be configured and controlled separately using a mixture of control modes (Apparatus or Schedule).  However, please note, AVA will initiate communication with all devices (both tabs) as soon as you start anything running (so they all must be set up correctly and switched on before starting); furthermore, once a reaction is running, it is not possible to add any more devices to either of the reaction tabs.  Moreover, data from both tabs will be recorded together as one file.

3. Each side of the Reactor-Ready Duo in its own instance of AVA

For true independent control of the two sides of the Reactor-Ready Duo, you can open another instance (a second application window) of AVA.  Create a new experiment selecting one Reactor-Ready icon, and then open AVA software a second time (a new window of AVA), and then create a new experiment there with the Reactor-Ready icon.  The two AVA windows can be positioned next to each other so that both systems can be viewed at the same time.  Using a second instance means you can configure devices for one side whilst the other side/instance is running, as the data etc. is in a separate file.