Can I buy a spare metal vessel support collar for my Reactor-Ready or Reactor-Ready Pilot?

A vessel support collar is required to mount a vessel within the quick-release clamp.

Reactor Ready Collar

Two vessel collars are supplied with each RR121000 Reactor-Ready Core or RR121300 Reactor-Ready Duo Core; one vessel collar is included in RR210000 Reactor-Ready Pilot Core.

You may wish to purchase additional metal support collars, particularly if you have lots of vessels (so you can keep one correctly positioned on each vessel).

For Reactor-Ready and Reactor-Ready Duo, the part number is:

  • RR121048: Vessel Support Collar

Reactor Ready Collar

For Reactor-Ready Pilot, the part number is:

  • RR210018: Pilot Vessel Support Collar

Reactor Ready Collar