Can I buy a replacement PTFE stirrer guide for my jacketed lab reactor?

Yes, you can purchase stirrer guides (as pictured below).

Replacement PTFE Stirrer Guide

For Reactor-Ready, Reactor-Ready Duo and the current Lara (Lara Plus), the part number is:

  • RR121060: Stirrer Guide Assembly B24 10 mm

For the larger Reactor-Ready Pilot, it is:

  • RR121132: Stirrer Guide Assembly B34 16 mm

For Lara Classic (serial number CLR-​1001 to CLR-1060), the PTFE stirrer guide (the replacement to the old metal/glass stirrer guide) is:

  • LR171150: Lara Classic Stirrer Guide (s/n CLR1001-60)

For other types of jacketed lab reactors (traditional or custom), please contact us to discuss.​

Spare parts for these stirrer guides are also available. You can refer to the separate FAQ entry, ‘What spare parts are available for my Reactor-Ready or Reactor-Ready Pilot stirrer guide?’