Can I buy a replacement black plastic ring for my piston?

The black plastic ring that is part of the piston handle can be replaced.

For Reactor-Ready, Reactor-Ready Duo and Lara – 15 mm piston:

  • 435-1423: Loosening Ring 14/23 (Pack of 10)

For Reactor-Ready Pilot – 25 mm piston:

  • 435-2429: Loosening Ring 24/29 (Pack of 10)


Piston SealPiston Seal 

Please note, this is not a part that customers commonly need to replace.  In order to reduce any risk of damage to this part in future, please take note of the following:

  • Protect the piston handle from contact with corrosive chemicals – for example, do not handle the piston with dirty gloves.
  • When the O-rings/piston are in good condition and are sealing properly, this should prevent chemicals leaking down to the black loosening ring.  The piston O-rings (and the piston itself) should be regularly checked and replaced as required.
  • You should also be careful not to apply lots of force to the piston to remove it, as this could damage the piston / loosening ring.