Can a Huber unit with Pilot ONE controller be controlled by a PLC via RS232, and if so, how?

You can control a new Huber unit with Pilot ONE controller via a PLC/DCS etc.

It is possible to send setpoint commands and receive temperature readings, and also stop the Huber if a particular temperature is exceeded.

There are different methods of communication available, but RS232 is commonly used. You can refer to the Huber data communications manuals – PB commands (recommended) or PP and LAI commands (older).

The RS232 cable for new Unistats with Pilot ONE is HB55018 (with a 15-pin end for connecting to the Huber).  For other units, a 9-pin RS232 cable is offered, part number HB6146.  Please feel free to ask if you have any queries.

For information on the Ethernet and AIF (4-20 mA) options for new Huber units with Pilot ONE, please refer to the separate FAQ entries.

For older Huber models, please contact us with the serial number of your unit, and we can advise on your options.