Can a Huber unit with Pilot ONE controller be controlled by a PLC via an AIF (analogue interface), and if so, how?

You can control a new Huber unit with Pilot ONE controller via a PLC/DCS etc.

There are different methods of communication possible, including 4-20 mA using an analogue interface (AIF).  The 4-20 mA communication can be used to send signals to the Huber unit (control it) in addition to receive signals (monitor it).

The analogue interface has one programmable input channel (e.g. for setpoint), and three output channels (setpoint, external temperature, and programmable).  If you want to control multiple parameters, we would advise you consider another method of communication.

You would need to purchase an Com.G@te (optional accessory) to have an analogue interface.  Please search the FAQs for further details of the Com.G@te.

We can supply a cable for connecting to the analogue interface on the Com.G@te, part number HB9353.  This has an open end, for wiring into your application.

For information on the RS232 and Ethernet options for new Huber units with Pilot ONE, please refer to the separate FAQ entries.

For older Huber models, please contact us with the serial number of your unit, and we can advise on your options.