To improve their chemistry, the Institute of Petrochemistry Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences invested in the Tornado System and the Carousel 6 Plus to use in their chemical synthesis.

Institute of Petrochemistry Tornado

Contacts: Teacher Lv

Organisation: Institute of Petrochemistry Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences

Department: Department of Chemistry

Country: China

Product: Carousel 6 Plus, Tornado and Storm

Case Study No: CS1070

The situation

The customer was formerly using a single hotplate with overhead stirring to perform their experiments, and non-Radleys parallel reaction station. The results were unacceptable – the temperature and stirring control was poor, and not stable enough for the experiment conditions. The outcome was inadequate results from the investigations, especially from the overhead stirring experiments.

The objective

The key factors important to the customer were that is was quick and simple to install and to understand, that operation was straight-forward, that it offered a wide range of temperature control and that the safety of the chemists was protected. The equipment offered by Radleys met all of these conditions and more.

The results

Since the installation of the Tornado System and the Carousel 6 Plus, the Department of Chemistry were able to perform their chemistry using reliable, trustworthy equipment, in which they had full confidence. The temperature and stirring control was accurate and precise, giving them the tools they needed to perform experiments to the high standard expected. The results speak for themselves.

We were introduced to Radleys by Tegent and read more about them on their official website. We were very interested in the features and applications they can offer, especially the Tornado system and storm work station. We often need to use high viscous samples to do our reactions. The Tornado system can meet our exact requirements. Some samples need a lower temperature control, which is where the Storm work station is the right choice for us: also, it can be used at a high temperature if needed. Our experiment will therefore be more efficient and convenient. For another application, we only needed hotplate stirring, so we decided to purchase the Tornado with Storm work station and also a Carousel 6 Plus. We are excited about the results already.Teacher Lv, Institute of Petrochemistry Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences