By running six reactions simultaneously, giving them control of temperature and stirring rates, thus increasing experimental consistency

Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology Tornado

Contacts: Professor Li

Organisation: Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology

Department: School of materials science and engineering

Country: Beijing

Product: Tornado Plus Overhead Stirring System

Case Study No: CS1059

The situation

  • Before using Tornado, Prof Li’s group was performing one reaction at a time, using a single hotplate and overhead stirrer
  • Repeating experiments was time-consuming and provided inconsistent results

The objective

  • Run several samples at a time, in the same temperature and stirring conditions, using a single overhead stirrer
  • Free up fume cupboard space
  • Provide safer laboratory environment for students

The results

Prof Li’s group is now saving precious time and getting meaningful process optimisation data by running up to six reactions at a time.

Tornado Plus is the best equipment. We saw it in the Beijing University of Chemical Technology in 2014 and now we have it too. It is amazing for the experiments. We do research in Leather Auxiliaries. Before, we completed a single sample at a time. A single hotplate and overhead stirrer were not convenient to control the reaction conditions. And it also wasted much time on our experiment. But we can handle 6 samples at the same time now. Tornado Plus gives good results and saves much time. Working in parallel with Tornado Plus is perfect. It offers the best conditions for our experiments. We think Tornado Plus is great!Professor Li, Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology