The compact Hei-TORQUE Core provides a space saving solution for material manufacturer

Quiet, reliable and easy to use
Hei-TORQUE Core main

The Situation

This UK-based material manufacturer has previously been using a Heidolph RZR-2041 stirrer. The equivalent model to this today is the Hei-TORQUE 400. However, they had a new requirement to stir a 10 L vessel in the fumehood and the clearance space above the vessel was restricted.

The Objective

To have a unit that could stir the 10 L vessel but also fit in the height restrictions of the fume hood.

The Results

Hei-TORQUE Core was trialled for 3 weeks on a variety of reaction sizes. It stirred small scale reactions to 10 L with ease. Due to the compact size and weight it fits comfortably into the restricted space above the 10 L vessel.

The Hei-TORQUE Core proved an ideal solution for this material manufacturer restricted by space.

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  • Contacts Product Manager
  • Organisation Material Manufacturer
  • Department Materials
  • Country United Kingdom
  • Product Hei-TORQUE Core
  • Case Study No. CS1092
"Due to restrictions in the amount of workspace available to us, it was important that the overhead stirrer was compact. The Hei-TORQUE Core stirrer has very similar dimensions to our existing Heidolph RZR-2041 stirrers, so is ideal in this regard. The stirrer is quiet, reliable and the 1-button operation makes it easy to use."
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