StarFish reduces energy, waste and costs

StarFish provided a simple, versatile alternative to replace five set-ups, making better use of laboratory facilities.
Radleys StarFish setups - monoblock and polyblocks


To make better use of laboratory facilities and space instead of using individual set-ups such as water baths and heating mantles, requiring space, their own electric and water supplies and individual condenser set-ups.


Bradford is an Eco-versity and the Universities’ aim was to reduce energy, waste and costs whilst increasing productivity in the chemistry labs.


  1. One heat/stirring source was able to replace five set-ups, reducing the electrical energy requirement and therefore the carbon footprint and cost of operation.
  2. Using inserts, round bottom flasks from 5ml to 500ml could used on the same baseplate, at the same time.
  3. Instead of five individual condensers running water to waste there is significant saving in having only one restricted input and outlet giving a lower and more effective cooling flow than achieved by five set-ups.
  • Contacts Alan Hague, Laboratory Manager
  • Organisation School of Life Sciences, University of Bradford
  • Department Chemical and Forensic Sciences teaching labs
  • Country United Kingdon
  • Product StarFish
  • Case Study No. CS1004
"We wanted a simple, versatile alternative to make better use of laboratory facilities and give our students an experience of up-to-date technology; the StarFish delivered in all aspects."
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