Since switching her refluxing to the Starfish Multi-Experiment Workstation, Katie is saving one day of work.

Southern Research with Starfish workstation

Contacts: Katie Isbell

Organisation: Southern Research

Department: Drug Analysis

Country: USA

Product: StarFish

Case Study No: 1091

The situation

Katie was performing tests on animal feed while refluxing solvent at 5 individual work stations. This process would take 2 days to complete due to setting up each station, glass washing in between tests and dealing with the frustrating, time consuming connections of tubing. Due to there being 5 stations, the fume hood was very tight for space as well.

The objective

She was looking for a better, more efficient way to run these tests without changing the method. Time saving was a priority, but space saving was also desperately needed. In the past she would have 5 separate refluxing setups in the fumehood which would take a total of 2 days to complete.

The results

We were able to exceed Katie’s expectations through the StarFish Multi-Experiment Workstation. Katie now is running 10 samples instead of 5 under one fume hood. Not only does Katie have plenty of work-space, she is refluxing twice the samples as before and cutting her work time in half, from 2 days to 1 day.

The StarFish is a great piece of equipment. I am still assessing it, but I really like it!Katie Isbell, Southern Research