Dow Chemical were able to change a potentially dangerous situation to one with improved safety and control

Contacts: Mr Lim Young Mook

Organisation: Dow chemical

Department: Research OLED

Country: South Korea

Product: Reactor-Ready Pilot, Huber thermoregulator

Case Study No: CS1018


Dow previously used 10 litre and 20 litre round bottom flasks which were heavy, hot, dangerous to lift and pour. Also the surface of the flask sometimes got burnt, causing the colour to change.


Reduce the danger associated with the existing methodology and improve the control of heating the flask contents.


  1. Improved safety – no handling issues associated with product removal from hot round bottom flasks.
  2. Improved control – using a thermoregulator circulator with Reactor-Ready Pilot meant that there was better temperature control, the flask contents did not burn and the colour of the contents remained good.
  3. Safe and rapid vessel exchange possible depending on the required volume.